In Home TV Repairs and Services: Estimate or Minor Repair

Estimate or Minor Repair

$65 + gst

Rear Projection TV Repair Services

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One Visit No Fault Minor Service

Occasionally the Field Technician may visit your home and find that there is no fault with the TV. Some of the common service minor service calls are as follows:

  • No Cable or other input signal.
  • Poor quality input signal from cable satellite or other source.
  • Input connectors have become un-hooked or are loose.
  • Customer controls need adjusting because settings have changed from power outages or accidental changes.

Costs are usually $35 service call + $30 for on-site service.

One Visit Minor Repair

Occasionally the Field technician finds relatively simple or minor problems that can be fixed on-site with no parts required.

  • Poor or corroded solder connections on printed circuit boards.
  • Cracked printed circuit boards.
  • Loose plugs or connectors inside the TV.
  • Adjustment or convergence alignment of service settings that require accessing built-in on-screen service software.

This type of repair usually costs $35 service call, $30-$90 for on-site service.

RPTV Clean and Adjust

Some Rear Projection TVs require optical assembly or lens cleaning. Panasonic, Samsung and Sony TVs can usually be accessed for cleaning from the rear cover of the TV. Rear access cleaning and minor convergence alignment usually costs $35 service call, $30 to $60 on-site service. 

Other makes require removing the front screen assembly.  This can cost up to $90.  $35 service call, $60 on-site service. 

One Visit Estimate - Repair too Costly - Incomplete Repair

Defective Picture Tube (CRT)

More detailed symptoms and description of a defective CRT are on this page: Defective RPTV CRT

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Rear Projection TV
In Home TV Service

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On-site troubleshooting is available in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and London Service Areas.

One Visit Minor RPTV Repair

Tech may find a minor problem and do a complete tv repair with one visit:

  1. $35 S/call (In Service Area)
  2. $30-$60 Access unit, Troubleshoot, Minor Repair, adjustments or correct hook-up
  3. $65-$95 + parts = Total

On-site Troubleshooting TV Repairs are available in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and London service areas.

for on-site tv service when complete.
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One Visit Estimate Incomplete Repair

Tech may troubleshoot and identify needed part. The part may be to costly and not practical for repair.

  1. $35 S/call (In Service Area)
  2. $30-$60 troubleshoot, Identify problem and parts required
  3. $65 to $95 = Total  no repair

Please Note:

The attending technician must have access to the unit for repair. This may require the customer's assistance in lifting, dis-mounting  or accessing units for repair.

for on-site service when complete.
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