In Home TV Repairs and Services: Estimate for Repair - Portable Projector

Estimate for Repair - Portable Projector

$95 + gst

Estimate for Repair
$95 Total, Lamp cost is extra

  1. Bulb/Lamp replacement
  2. Confirm Symptoms, identify faulty operation
  3. Troubleshoot, identify faulty components
  4. Price and availability for parts
  5. Compile repair proposal
  6. Submit Estimate to customer for approval.

    Response with email or telephone is available

Ship your portable or desktop video data projector to our service center for lamp replacement, cleaning and reset. If more than a replacement lamp or bulb is required, we provide a 
"Free Service Estimate"
Your Projector is shipped back to you after Lamp Replacement or Completed Repairs.
(Maximum $40 Return Shipping)

Typical 7 to 14 Day service

Lamp Change Service
$95 Total, Lamp cost is extra

  1. Bulb/Lamp replacement
  2. Service Reset where required
  3. Clean Filters 
  4. Clean Dust from Air vents
  5. Bench Test Run
  6. Confirm correct operation
  7. Minor cleaning and adjustment.
  8. One way return shipping
    (Maximum $40 Return Shipping)
There is no extra charge for an estimate as the unit is already under examination and partially dismantled for changing the lamp. No repairs can be attempted without a known “good” or “working” lamp in the Projector.

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